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Lucky Dog Program

Lucky Dogs are rescued from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter.  They are mid to large size dogs who've been temperament tested and trained!!

Lucky Dogs receive training from inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. This is a second chance for both the dog and the inmate. Inmates training the dogs are chosen and must be on their best behavior to participate in the program. 

How lucky are you?!  

The inmates teach the dogs basic obedience commands: come, sit, lay down and stay. The dogs will also be housebroken, crate trained and are taught to walk on a leash!! 

Lucky dogs also receive good health care before you adopt them. Once a dog is rescued from the animal shelter an appointment is made with a vet.  Along with being chipped, the dog receives a variety of health services including:

Spay or Neuter            
Heartworm testing/treatment and Preventative HeartGuard
Rabies Vaccine            
Frontline prevention for fleas and ticks
Bordetella Vaccine

For more information about adopting a Lucky Dog call 620-727-0205 or click on this link.

Please spay or neuter your pets 


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