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Q  Why support Cause for Paws, Inc?
A  We have accomplished much since our founding in 2006: the development and continued support of STOP, a program assisting Reno county residents who cannot afford to spay or neuter their companion pets; the rescue van transporting dogs and cats from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter to other shelters or rescues for adoption; the Pet Meals on Wheels program which assists the homebound to feed their companion pet; the funding, construction and continued "adoption" of the Hutchinson Dog Park to provide an off leash opportunity for animals to socialize (their owners too!); the development of the Pet Memorial Wall to offer a place to grieve the loss of a precious pet; as well as continuing to develop programs promoting responsible pet ownership.

Your financial support, whether that be thru membership fees, donations, fundraisers, the purchase of plaques on the pet memorial wall, grants, or a gift to our Endowment at the Hutchinson Community Foundation, helps ensure our programs continue.  The board of directors will allocate the funds to CFPI sponsored programs/projects.  Also know this all volunteer board takes their responsibility seriously and exercises good stewardship over these funds.  (See CFPI website tabs "Join Us" or "Ways to Give")  

We are a 501(c)3 so your financial support may be tax deductible.

Q  Does Cause for Paws, Inc ever work with other groups?
Oh yes!!  Cause for Paws, Inc realizes we cannot accomplish our mission alone.

The STOP Program assists Reno county residents who cannot afford to spay or neuter their companion pets.  It is instrumental in reducing pet overpopulation and the stress placed on the animal shelter.  It is solely funded by memberships, donations, grants and co-pays CFPI has been able to secure.  These local vets work with us to make the spay/neuters more affordable:     Prairie Vista Veterinary Hospital, Central Kansas Veterinary, Hutchinson Small Animal Hospital, Apple Lane Animal Hospital and Country Junction Animal Clinic. 

The Rescue Van was purchased to also aide in reducing pet overpopulation.  CFPI members use it to transport animals from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter to other shelters and rescues for adoption, thus reducing overcrowding at our shelter.  Due to a very generous donation by the Bob Neuway Legacy Fund, CFPI purchased the Rescue Van.  The van's upkeep is jointly provided by a partnership between CFPI and the Hutchinson Animal Shelter.

The Hutchinson Dog Park was built to provide dogs an area to socialize and be off leash.  CFPI raised the funds, oversaw the construction and continues to "adopt" the dog park as it's own.  The park's upkeep is jointly provided by a partnership between CFPI and the Hutchinson Parks & Recreation Dept.

The Pet Memorial Wall was built to provide pet owners a place to both memorialize and grieve for lost companions.   Due to a very generous donation by Joe McGuire as a memorial to his wife Suzanna, we were able to create this space within the dog park.  The wall's upkeep is solely provided by CFPI.

Pets Meals on Wheels CFPI members pick up, bag and deliver packages of pet meals to Wesley Towers.  Meals on Wheels assesses their clients need and when appropriate include pet meals when delivering client meals.  WalMart and Orchelin's provide the broken bags of pet food and Hubco provides the bags.
Dog Days at the Splash and Trail or Treat 3K. CFPI members assist with monitoring the dogs and also assist with pet clean up.  Hutch Rec provides the opportunity for these family fun events.
  More collaborations are in the works!!

Q  What is the difference between Cause for Paws, Inc and the Hutchinson Animal Shelter?
A   Cause for Paws, Inc is a 50l(c)3 whose mission is to ensure the well-being of all cats and dogs, reducing pet overpopulation, building a strong base of advocates and supporting the Hutchinson Animal Shelter.  We are only funded by memberships, grants, memorials, donations, co-pays, selling of merchandise and endowment gifts. 

The Hutchinson Animal Shelter provides sheltering services for the City of Hutchinson; files lost and found pet reports; a place to relinquish and/or adopt animals.  The Hutchinson Animal Control responds to lost or found animals, animal bites, dogs running at large, barking dog complaints and reports of abuse, neglect or cruelty.  Both are part of the City of Hutchinson, who is their primary source of funding. 

Q  Is the Hutchinson Animal Shelter a "no-kill "shelter?
A  Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of space in our shelter. If the shelter is full, then dogs and cats will be euthanized. It is the hope of Cause for Paws, Inc that no adoptable dog or cat would have to be euthanized for lack of space.  To that end, CFPI established two programs to help reduce Hutchinson's pet overpopulation. 

The STOP spay/neuter program provides financial assistance to those cannot afford to "fix" their companion pets, thus there are fewer homeless animals at risk. 

In addition, because of a very generous donation by the Bob Neuway Legacy Fund a Rescue Van was purchased so CFPI members are able to transport animals from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter to other shelters and rescues for adoption. Thus there is less overcrowding and fewer animals at risk. 

To be a rescue van driver please go to the icon bar, click on Services then click on Rescue Transports. 

Q  When does the  Cause for Paws, Inc board meet?  May I attend?
A  The Cause for Paws, Inc board meetings are open to the public and held the fourth Monday of every month at the Hutchinson Public Library at 6 pm.  If you're interested in coming please contact us first (620-728-2906). We reserve time at the beginning of each meeting to hear any comments or suggestions. There are occasions when the meetings are relocated or rescheduled.

Q  Does Cause for Paws, Inc offer training for my dog?
A  Cause for Paws, Inc does not offer training programs. However, the Hutchinson Kennel Club offers ongoing classes to help train your pet from "Puppy Kindergarten" to "Advanced Obedience". These classes are taught by some of Kansas' finest trainers and will make a difference in you and your dog's life.  For more information about the HKC and their classes call 620-662-4782 or click on this link Hutchinson Kennel Club

Another idea to consider, adopt a Lucky Dog.  These shelter dogs are generally mid to large size, already vetted for both their health and temperament, as well as passing their basic obedience classes (which were provided by inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility).  For more information about the Lucky Dog Program go to the top of this page, select the Adopt A Pet tab, then click on Lucky Dog Program.  You can also call 620-727-0205, or click on this link.   

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